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                 John Nadas, M.D.

                 About the Author

    Dr. John Nadas is a psychiatrist in private practice in Canton, Ohio. He uses psychotherapy to deal with many problems of adaptation which are usually treated with medications by other psychiatrists. Instead of looking for energy and contentment in pills, he helps motivated individuals find vitality and joy by making psychological and physiological changes in themselves. The ultimate goal is to live life with confidence and enthusiasm, and to attain natural energy and unsurpassed joy.

    John Nadas received his medical degree at Duke University, psychiatry training at the University of Chicago, and his undergraduate degree in chemistry at Case Western Reserve University. Being of Hungarian origin he has the benefit of a cross-cultural perspective. He has over 30 years of experience treating patients who have suffered from a wide variety of difficulties. Currently he is in the private practice of psychiatry in Canton, Ohio, and is an assistant professor of psychiatry at the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine. He has held a variety of positions in the past, ranging from conducting research in physical chemistry to serving as a psychiatric consultant for a methadone maintenance clinic, a state psychiatric hospital, and a crisis intervention center. His most valued relationships are with his wife and three sons.

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