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Transformation introduces an invigorating new psychology!


Transformation is a quest to discover continuing energy and joy in life. There is no shortage of clues in fact, there is an overwhelming abundance of facts, theories, and techniques to examine. Will the best answers be found in psychology, religion, philosophy, or medicine?

Everyone has an interest in personal success. Usually we take a common sense approach to our search for health and energy we take care of ourselves and live intelligently. When we stumble along the way, we look for other ideas to guide us. Transformation takes the reader on a journey through traditional concepts and techniques. Then new ideas and solutions are examined. To solve the mystery of energy, we must explore the deepest recesses of our minds. Only then can we recognize the forces which create our experiences, behaviors, and drives.

The journey comes to an extraordinary conclusion. Many of the complexities of the human mind are spelled out in an unprecedented manner. We must take the time to learn these ideas and to practice these techniques. When we finally arrive at a deeper understanding of these concepts, we will become free from anxiety and confusion and enjoy a life filled with energy and joy.

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